Daggaboer Farmstall Menu


If you feel a little hungry:

  • Roosterkoek: A popular Eastern Cape bun made on the fire. We serve it with butter, sandwich biltong, homemade jam, cheese and our delicious biltong paste. We present the fillings and you use it to your own taste.
    Warning: A Roosterkoek is not pumped up with a bicycle pump and is quite filling, provided you are a friendly, co-operative guest. For difficult ones, the price is adapted at will.
  • Home Baked Pies
    We usually bake the following pies on a daily basis:
    - Chicken, Pepper Steak, Bobotie & Sausage Roll
    - Pies are served with our bottled salads & chutney
  • Quiches:
    - Bacon and Cheese OR Spinach and Feta (Once tasted, you will probably order more than one)
  • Delicious THICK Farm Soup With Roosterkoek / Without Roosterkoek
    (Knife, fork & spoon provided)
  • We also serve a delicious farm breakfast until 12 am – Egg, bacon, farm sausage, roosterkoek with home made jam and cheese and a fried tomato. 

For the Sweet Tooth:

Isobel & Dolly’s delightful
- Milk Tart, Cheese Cake & Lemon MeringueWe’re bragging, but these are really GREAT!

To quench the thirst:

  • Coffee – Filter or Railway, and no, we don’t serve Cappuccino – we haven’t even heard of it!
  • Tea (English Ceylon or Rooibos)
  • Homemade Ginger Beer – Without a kick! (R300 for well matured five year old –currently out of stock, but please try again in 5 year’s time)
  • Lemonade – freshly home brewed
  • Hot Chocolate
  • City Cold Drinks – Recently introduced to the country side (It includes foreign name such as Coke, Fanta & Sprite)
  • Milkshakes - ( Vanilla and Strawberry ) 

Note 1: Our Tea & Coffee cups are bottomless, but no more than 4 persons per cup and we charge extra if you want straws.

Note 2: Many of the ideas we use for the farm stall come from suggestions by our visitors and we welcome them. Please tell us about floppies so that we can correct them!

Lastly: Except when Mother Nature calls, we know that no one has to stop at a farm stall. We appreciate your visit and wish you and yours a good journey and safe arrival at your destinations!!!

Kiddies Menu also available